Population: 977


Map Key:
1 – Outer Gate and Walls
2 – Wrafton’s Inn
3 – Market Square
4 – Stables
5 – Smithy
6 – Valthrun’s Tower
7 – Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe
8 – Warrior Guild
9 – Tenements
10 – Temple
11 – Inner Gate
12 – Siege Supplies
13 – Barracks
14 – Manor House

Winterhaven lies on the East Way, between Arabel and Highmoon. The town is located in a small valley, deep in the Thunder Peaks, precariously situated at the edge of Sembia’s influence. Winterhaven is a predominantly human settlement, with a scattering of dwarf families, and a handful of individuals of other races, including two elves. The majority of the families that call Winterhaven home all make their livings tending small, privately owned farms that surround the walled heart of the city. The crops they grow are usually sold to merchants and traders passing through the Thunder Peaks, traveling along the East Way. Lately though, the increase Kobold brigands on the rode around the city have had a bad effect on the town’s economy.

Notable Citizens

  • Ernset Padraig: The Lord Mayor of Winterhaven, Ernest Padraig is descended from a noble family that has ruled over the area for generations. The population of Winterhaven was happy with Lord Padraig’s father, and have found following their new lord no more arduous. Padraig commands the Winterhaven Regulars, a core group of ten soldiers who perform guard and police functions in and around the walled portion of the village.
  • Bairwin Wildarson: The owner of Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe. He was secretly the head of a Sharran cell operating in Winterhaven. With the help of Amnon, he sacrificed the Vara-kai to honor his dark goddess. His cell was eventually defeated by MSI, and he was imprisoned within the city jail.
  • Sister Linora: Sister Linora is the priest of the Winterhaven Temple, and a cleric of Chauntea. It was sister Linora who first suspected that a Sharran cult might have taken hold in Winterhaven, and she was the one who sent William Portals to seek out brave heroes who would help fight the Dark Lady’s servants.
  • William Portals: An Acolyte of Chauntea, serving under Sister Linora. He was sent by his cleric to recruit adventurers to deal with the cult of Shar that has asserted itself in Winterhaven. While stopping for rest and a hot meal at the tavern of the Gilded Lady in the town of Highmoon, he was attacked by a group of thugs and mercenaries sent by the Sharran cult. He is rescued by the members of the newly formed Martial Solutions, Inc., who where stopping in the town on their way further west to the city of Baldur’s Gate, where they planned to set up their base of operations. After the battle against the thugs, he informs his rescuers of his town’s plight, and offers them 200 gold pieces as seed money for their budding company if they would but follow him back to Winterhaven and hear the pleas of Sister Linora, the acolyte that he serves.

Points of Interest

  • Dragon Burial Ground: A dragon burial ground located south of the city. It is said that it is the final resting place of the great wyrm Shadraxil, a shadow dragon that prowled the Thunder Peaks, and as legend has it, was slain over twelve centuries ago by Cormyrian soldiers led by the knight, Jerold Keegan. However, some have speculated that these are bones aren’t those of Shadraxil, but merely a ruse set up by the Cormyrians to hide the truth. According to Douven Staul, an expert on dragons, the bones found at the site are much to small to belong to a great wyrm like Shadraxil.


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