The kingdom of Akanûl is a land that once belonged to the world of Abeir as part of the realm of Shyr, but was transposed onto the plane of Toril during the ravages of the Spellplague. The land carried with it a large population of Abeir genasi who, as of 1479 DR, control the region that used to be Chondath and western Chessenta.

Akanûl is mostly composed of the descendants of the genasi refugees of the land of Shyr in Abeir. The genasi of Shyr were being oppressed by the primordial Karshimis. When Akanûl dropped into Toril, the residents were overjoyed to find that Karshimis’ citadel had not made the jump. Those refuges set about creating a realm of their own and founded the city of Airspur on the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Akanûl is now counted among the kingdoms of Faerûn.

Capitol City; Population 30,000
Airspur is a glittering three-dimensional city built into a series of elemental spires and earthmotes. The upper regions of the city are not actually directly connected to the ground below. It is ruled by Queen Arathane and the Four Stewards of Earth, Fire, Sea and Sky. The court is entirely composed of genasi. The Stewards oversee specialized sections of government, while the Queen controls the major action of government. The Steward of Earth heads up the spy network of Akanûl. The Steward of Fire serves as the general of the army and is primarily concerned with the defense of Airspur. The Steward of Sea is also known as the Lord of Coin and oversees the business of the realm. The Steward of Sky serves as final arbiter of disputes and enforces the laws of Akanûl

Status in Airspur is primarily racial. Genasi make up the bulk of the population and are given preferential treatment by both the government and local merchants. The refugees of Shyr and their descendants are guaranteed their basic needs by the decree of Queen Arathane. Other races in the city are mostly mercenaries, explorers, or specialized crafters and tradesmen. They are never allowed to hold office.

Notable People


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