The Paperwork

"If you betray us, you'll have to face a force greater than all the Gods in the Astral Sea combined: My lawyers." - Kriv Battlebank


Martial Solutions, Inc.’s (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) standard contract of employment is made up of several documents and agreements. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A waiver of liability that absolves the Company of any and all guilt in the event of any injury or loss of life that you may experience while working for the Company.
  • A form signing over any and all worldly possessions that you currently or will ever own to the Company, including real estate, wealth, weapons, etc.
  • A contract of employment, swearing loyalties to the company and it’s goals.

All employees of MSI must sign these documents. From time to time, when Kriv has delegated the paperwork to him, or whenever the possibility presents itself, Thom will sneak in an extra contract, which in the event of your death, grants him the right to claim your cadaver for necromantic studies.


The Paperwork

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