Tiefling Artificer


A young male tiefling, with a manner and appearance becoming one much older than his age of 26. He usually wears a hooded cloak. Very rarely does he ever look someone in the eye, but those unfortunate few who has have never been the same. They describe it as looking into a void of pure nothingness, and often experience of feeling of utter and total hopelessness.


Amnon was born and raised in the city-state of Baldur’s Gate, and was educated in the alchemical arts by his parents. At the age of 20, he left Baldur’s Gate and struck out on his own. He eventually found himself in Highmoon, the capital of Deepingdale, running his vary own Alchemy shop. Unfortunately, the people of Highmoon had little interest in the Alchemical arts, and his business suffered. His only customer was Lenore Jenkins, a local halfling girl. Though Lenore was generally fond of the tiefling, her personality grated on Amnon’s nerves, and secretly, he blamed her continued presence in his store for his lack of business.

One day, Lenore came into his shop with a small cache of weapons. She explained that she had taken them off the bodies of some thugs that had started problems at the Gilded Lady, the tavern that she worked at, and that she had finally found an adventuring party to join. Feeling that this party should be properly warned about what they were getting into, he followed her back to the Gilded Lady and met with Kriv Battlbank. Liking the cut of the tiefling’s jib, Kriv offered him a position in the company. Realizing that he had little future in Highmoon, he accepted the offer, even though he knew it would mean spending more time with Lenore.

Amnon followed the group to Winterhaven, where he met a man named Bairwin Wildarson, who ran Bairwin’s Grand Shope. Bairwin tried to convince Amnon on the glories of Shar, the Mistress of Night. Finding the encounter odd, Amnon shared his experience with the party. When they found out that their mission in the city would be to root out a Sharran cult that may have taken hold in Winterhaven, they immediately headed to the shop, but found it closed for the night, and despite their best efforts, they could not break in. Later, after the rest of the party went to sleep, Amnon hatched a plan. He snuck up on his sleeping roomate, Vara-kai, and trapped him within his bag of holding. He stealthily made his way to the Shope, and to his surprise, found Bairwin, seemingly waiting for him. Amnon struck a bargain with the Sharran disciple. If he swore that he would help him be rid of Lenore forever, Amnon would swear fealty to Shar, and as proof of his loyalty, he offered Bairwin the bag holding the ginasi monk.

Eventually, the party was finally able to make their move on Bairwin’s store. With some difficulty, they were able to slay the cultists, but kept Bairwin and Amnon alive for questioning. After the battle was over, Lenore told Amnon that she was disappointed in him, but that she still considered him a friend, and promised him to visit him in prison as often as she could. Realizing that death would be a better fate, Amnon used his sharp tiefling teeth to bite through his tongue and drowned on his own blood.


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