Marshal Solutions, Inc.

Keep On The Shadowfell I

Keep On The Shadowfell, Winterhaven, Highmoon

While traveling west along the foothills of the Thunder Peaks, the founding members of Marshal Solutions, Inc. found themselves in the tavern of the Gilded Lady in Highmoon, the capital of Deepingdale. While enjoying a hot meal and some ale, their leader, Content Not Found: kriv-battlbank, had grim news: If they didn’t find work soon, their newly formed company would be bankrupt before they even made it to Baldur’s Gate, where they had hoped to set up their home offices.

As Runor, their resident drunk, ordered another flagon of ale from the halfling girl working the bar, a band of ruffians burst through the front door. While some of the men went to block the doors, three of them accosted a man sitting alone in a booth in the far corner of the room. As it became clear that their intentions were hostile, Kriv offered their services to the man. Before he could answer, the leader of the thugs ordered his men to attack!

Luckily, the experienced warriors of MSI, with some aide from the Halfling barmaid, were easily able to defeat their attackers. Impressed with the Halfling’s ability, Kriv offered her a job on the spot.

The man introduced himself as William Portals, an acolyte of Chauntea hailing from the town of Winterhaven by the sister of his Temple to find warriors both able and willing to stop what she suspects to be a growing danger of a Sharran cult that might have taken hold in Winterhaven, and offering them 200 gold pieces to use as seed money for their budding corporation.

As Kriv and William were hammering out the details of their corporation, Lenore, the newly hired halfling, looted the corpses of the fallen soldier’s and head out to a shop run by her friend, a Tiefling by the name of Amnon. Upon hearing about his “favorite customer’s” new employment, the Tiefling new that it was his responsibility to inform her employers of Lenore’s…eccentricities. Kriv, liking the look of the man, offered him a job as well, which he accepted with some hesitation.

The next day, much to Kriv’s dismay, they were joined by his elder brother Skar Battlebank



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