Marshal Solutions, Inc.


Out With The Old, In WIth The New

After the last patron of the Inn had left for the night, Lenore Jenkins waited a while, and then made her way to where she knew Salvana’s living quarters were located. The woman, still under the mistaken impression that the child-like halfling girl was trying to seduce her, wasn’t happy to see her at her door, but also wasn’t terribly surprised. Still, Lenore did manage to get some more information from the woman. She learned that the newest residence of Winterhaven was Bairwin Wildarson, but that it had already been several years since he had moved to the town. She also learned that several weeks prior to Martial Solutions, Inc’s arrival, another traveler had passed through town, claiming to be there to study the remains of an ancient dragon that rested to the south of the city. When she learned that the only place in town the man had visited besides the Wrafton’s Inn was Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe, Lenore felt it prudent to bring the information to her companion’s attention. Agreeing that it was worth looking into, Criv decided that they would head out to the dragon burial ground the next day, and ordered his employees to get some sleep.

The next day, the party was bothered to discover that Vara-Kai and Amnon were both missing from their rooms. As there were no signs of a struggle, it seemed that they had merely awoken before the rest of the group and stepped out to take care of some business in town. Deciding that they couldn’t wait for their companions, the group headed out for the dragon burial grounds. Luckily, waiting for them outside the town gates were their old companions: Vanessa, halfling vampire, and Thom Thumb, a human mage specializing in necromancy. The two were partners and though they agreed to join Kriv’s company, they had unfinished business that they needed to take care of, and promised they would join their allies when their task was complete.

How fortuitous it was that they joined them, for as the group traveled down the East Way, they were once again set upon by a group of Kobolds. Thankfully, with the addition of their allies, they were able to deal with the threat with little difficulty, though several times, Thom almost met his end. As Runor slew the last of the kobolds, a Wyrmpriest, he noticed a small pendant fly from the creature’s body. Upon further examination, the party discovered that the kobold’s pendant was was in the shape of a dragon, and featured an emblem that they recognized as being a symbol of Shar.

DM Commentary

Heroes of Shadow had just been released, and Vara-kai and Amnon asked if they could role new characters using Shadow classes. I figured that since they were only level 1, I might as well let them do it. Vara-kai rolled Vanessa, and Amnon rolled Thom Thumb. In the long run, I think this was a bad decision on my part. One of my biggest things when I envisioned this campaign was that the players wouldn’t be allowed to Evil or Chaotic Evil. The worst they could do is Unaligned. Yes they were mercenaries, but I still wanted them to be heroes. But trying to play a heroic vampire and necromancer is hard to do, especially when your players are more interested in playing their class then their alignment.

At this point, Skar wasn’t playing anymore. I don’t know if he was bored or if he was just using us as a distraction to stem some temporary boredom, but he’d pretty much just show up at the store and play the WoW TCG.



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